Partners for Growth
"Believe in the Future"

What is Partners for Growth?

For more than 25 years, the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce has led our community’s economic development efforts, with impressive and undeniable results.

Operating as a public-private partnership – this approach has a strategic direction, complete with governance, and funding from 160-plus business leaders, the City of Mobile and Mobile County; and competent, dedicated professional staff. Our organization’s team approach is widely considered “best practice” by peers and professionals, nationwide. We have garnered many accolades and repeated top rankings from a variety of national and global publications.

Most importantly, we have delivered significant return on the community’s investment by creating and retaining jobs and investment; elevating incomes and salaries; and diversifying our economic base.

The measurable goals of Partners for Growth are:

 Create 4,000 new jobs with average annual wage of $40,000.
 Attract new and expansion project capital investment of $1.5 billion.
 Conduct 750 calls on existing industry for job retention and expansion opportunities.

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